A theological study of the person and work of Jesus Christ. The course is divided into three parts: the eternal Christ, the incarnate Christ, and the exalted Christ. The Christology found in the Gospels is emphasized.

A hermeneutical study of John and his Epistles. This course begins with the introduction of the principles of inductive Bible study, which are illustrated and practiced throughout the study. Emphasis is placed on the person and work of Jesus Christ, the One sent from God. The course ends with an inductive analysis of the Epistles of John.

This course is an inductive study of Luke’s writings. It underscores the fact that Luke-Acts is the continuation of the salvation history of the Old Testament. In this course we will deal with the development of the Church from its unique beginnings to its emergence as the universal people of God through the moving of the Holy Spirit.

This course begins with an introduction to Paul’s epistles. Also presented are hermeneutical principles for the interpretation of epistolary literature. A special focus of this course is the Christology of the twin epistles.